Welcome to Celtic Tribes!

Discover the free to play building-strategy MMO Celtic Tribes now. Immerse yourself in the mystical world of the Celts, full of powerful druids, magical runes and mysterious artefacts. Lead your tribe on the way to glory and become the greatest ruler of all time!

By Toutatis, we need your help! Our little village is about to fall. The harvests are poor, builidings in ruin and our warriors are a bunch of frightened cowards. We desperately need a strong leader! Can you manage to turn poor villagers into brave warriors and their small village into a powerful empire?
The basis for any expanding village is a rich resource production. Magnificent settlements can easily be built with full storages and diligent subjects. Lead your village on the way to fame and power! Even the wise druids can assist you- you can ask them to create magical runes for you. The reputation of your kingdom will grow with a thriving economy.
Send your warriors on exciting missions and discover long-lost artefacts. These magical relics can help your village achieve unparalleled prosperity and your units unequaled strength. Use their power and secure the advantage in battle for lands and vital resources. Can you find the Goblet of Sirona or the legendary Sword of Toutatis and use their mysterious power?
Recruit a variety of different troops and create a powerful army! Send the strongest of Celtic warriors into battle and conquer enemy villages, spy on your opponents or plunder neighbouring settlements. Delve into the exciting world and discover new areas. In addition to valuable natural resources, encounter dangerous bandit camps and mystical artefacts.
Combine your strength! Form large tribes, enjoy playing alongside your friends and experience the legendary Celtic empire together. Unite in conquests and support each other in difficult defensive battles. Take advantage of the many tactical and strategical possibilities to be victorious even in the most hopeless battles. With a strong alliance, nothing is impossible. Prepare yourself for exciting adventures and interaction with players from all around the world.
Appear in the fascinating world of Celtic Tribes and prove yourself as a brave chief. Sign up now and play for free on your smartphone, tablet PC or in the browser. We can hardly wait for you!
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